Arvinder Khaira Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name : Arvinder Khaira (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Arvinder Khaira’s Nick Name : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Profession : Director

About Arvinder Khaira : Arvinder Khaira is a Punjabi video director who is a member of team Virsa Arts. He did his first music video was ‘Nishaniyan’ by M.Safi. He did many famous videos like ‘Naa Ji Naa’, ‘Soch’, ‘Joker’ by Hardy Sandhu, ‘Jatt Fire Karda’ by Diljit Dosanjh. He won PTC Punjabi Best Video Director award in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Arvinder Khaira Contact Details

Contact Details of Arvinder Khaira


Arvinder Khaira’s Address : Chandigarh, India

Arvinder Khaira’s Phone Number :  098141 21082

Arvinder Khaira’s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s eMail ID(s) :

Arvinder Khaira’s Official Website : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Official Facebook Fan Page

Arvinder Khaira’s Official Twitter Handle :

Arvinder Khaira’s Official YouTube Channel :

Arvinder Khaira’s Official Instagram :

Arvinder Khaira’s Official Google Plus Profile :

Arvinder Khaira Contact Details

Personal Info of Arvinder Khaira


Arvinder Khaira’s Height : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Weight : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Body Measurements : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Date of Birth : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Place of Birth : Nabha, Punjab, India

Arvinder Khaira’s Zodiac Sign : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Educational Qualification : B.Tech from Lovely Professional University, Post Graduation from The Regional Institute of Management and Technology

Arvinder Khaira’s Parents : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Siblings : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Current Martial Status : Single

Arvinder Khaira’s Spouse : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Child/Children : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Affair(s) : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Best Friend(s) : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Hobbies : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Likes : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Dislikes : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Favorite Food : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Favorite Sport : n/a

Arvinder Khaira’s Favorite Holiday Destination : n/a

Arvinder Khaira Contact Details



Shah Rukh Khan Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name : Shah Rukh Khan (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Shah Rukh Khan’s Nick Name : SRK, King Khan, Badshah

Shah Rukh Khan’s ProfessionActor, Producer

About Shah Rukh Khan : Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular Actor and Producer of Indian Cinema. He Started his acting career with TV series ‘Faujii’ in 1989. He started his movie career with ‘Deewana’ in 1992. After that he played negative roles in some movies. In 1995 he acted in romantic movie ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ which was super hit and after that he was known as romantic hero of Bollywood. He won 14 Film Fare Awards and has biggest fan following all around the world.

Shahrukh khan Contact Details

Contact Details of Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan’s Address : Mannat, Band Stand, Bandra, Mumbai

Shah Rukh Khan’s Phone Number : n/a

Shah Rukh Khan’s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Shah Rukh Khan’s eMail ID(s) :

Shah Rukh Khan’s Official Website :

Shah Rukh Khan’s Official Facebook Fan Page  :

Shah Rukh Khan’s Official Twitter Handle :

Shah Rukh Khan’s Official YouTube Channel :

Shah Rukh Khan’s Official Instagram :

Shah Rukh Khan’s Official Google Plus Profile :

Shah Rukh Khan Contact Details

Personal Info of Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan’s Height : 173 cm

Shah Rukh Khan’s Weight : 67 kgs

Shah Rukh Khan’s Body Measurements : Chest-40 inches, Waist-30 inches, Biceps-14.5 inches

Shah Rukh Khan’s Date of Birth : 2nd November 1965

Shah Rukh Khan’s Place of Birth : New Delhi, India

Shah Rukh Khan’s Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Shah Rukh Khan’s Educational Qualification : Master’s Degree in Mass Communication (Film Making)

Shah Rukh Khan’s Parents : Father-Late Taj Mohammad Khan (Businessman), Mother=Late Lateef Fatima (Magistrate)

Shah Rukh Khan’s Siblings : Elder Sister: Shahnaz Lalarukh

Shah Rukh Khan’s Current Martial Status : Married

Shah Rukh Khan’s Spouse : Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s Child/Children : Sons-Aryan Khan, Abram Khan, Daughter-Suhana Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s Affair(s) : n/a

Shah Rukh Khan’s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : n/a

Shah Rukh Khan’s Best Friend(s) : Karan Johar, Kajol, Hritik Roshan, Farah Khan, Rohit Shetty

Shah Rukh Khan’s Hobbies : Playing Computer Games, Collecting Gadgets

Shah Rukh Khan’s Likes : Rainy Season, Video Games

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dislikes : Lotteries and Gambling, Share Investment

Shah Rukh Khan’s Favorite Food : Tandoori Chicken

Shah Rukh Khan’s Favorite Sport : Cricket, Tennis

Shah Rukh Khan’s Favorite Holiday Destination : Switzerland

Shah rukh khan Contact Details and Personal info


Sara Gurpal Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name : Sara Gurpal (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Sara Gurpal’s Nick Name : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Profession : Actress, Model, Punjabi Actress

About Sara Gurpal : Sara Gurpal is Punjabi model and actress who awarded as Miss Chandigarh in 2012. She started her career with song ‘Parada’ but gain popularity with Ranjit Bawa Song ‘Jean’. Her first song as a singer was ‘Lagdi Att’ which was released in 2016. Her first movie ‘Manje Bistre’ was released in 2017. She is famous as most charming and new face of Punjabi Film Industry in 2017.

Contact Details of Sara Gurpal


Sara Gurpal’s Address : Chandigarh, India

Sara Gurpal’s Phone Number : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s eMail ID(s) : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Official Website : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Official Facebook Fan Page  :

Sara Gurpal’s Official Twitter Handle :

Sara Gurpal’s Official YouTube Channel :

Sara Gurpal’s Official Instagram :

Sara Gurpal’s Official Google Plus Profile :

Personal Info of Sara Gurpal


Sara Gurpal’s Height : 163cms

Sara Gurpal’s Weight : 55kgs

Sara Gurpal’s Body Measurements : Bust-33, Waist-27, Hips-34

Sara Gurpal’s Date of Birth : 19th November 1991

Sara Gurpal’s Place of Birth : Ratia Village, Fatehabad, Haryana, India

Sara Gurpal’s Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Sara Gurpal’s Educational Qualification : Graduate

Sara Gurpal’s Parents : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Siblings : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Current Martial Status : Single

Sara Gurpal’s Spouse : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Child/Children : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Affair(s) : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Best Friend(s) : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Hobbies : Shopping, Hanging Out With Friends

Sara Gurpal’s Likes : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Dislikes : n/a

Sara Gurpal’s Favorite Food : Pasta

Sara Gurpal’s Favorite Sport : Football

Sara Gurpal’s Favorite Holiday Destination : n/a





Raman Singh Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name : Raman Singh (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Raman Singh’s Nick Name : Raman Bhaiya

Raman Singh’s Profession : Chief Minister ChattisgarhLeader, BJP Politician

About Raman Singh : Raman Singh is an Politician from India who is a member of BJP. He joined young wing of BJP named Bhartiya Jan Sangh and became president in Kawardha i n 1976-1977. He won Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assemble elections in 1990, 1993. In 1999 he elected as MP from  Rajnandgaon in Chattisgarh. He is serving as Chattisgarh Chief Minister since  2003 to till date.

Contact Details of Raman Singh


Raman Singh’s Address : C M House, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chattisgarh

Raman Singh’s Phone Number : 0771- 2331000/ 2331001

Raman Singh’s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Raman Singh’s eMail ID(s) : 

Raman Singh’s Official Website :

Raman Singh’s Official Facebook Fan Page  :

Raman Singh’s Official Twitter Handle :

Raman Singh’s Official YouTube Channel :

Raman Singh’s Official Instagram : n/a

Raman Singh’s Official Google Plus Profile :

Personal Info of Raman Singh


Raman Singh’s Height : n/a

Raman Singh’s Weight : n/a

Raman Singh’s Body Measurements : n/a

Raman Singh’s Date of Birth : 15th October 1952

Raman Singh’s Place of Birth : Kawardha, Madhya Pradesh

Raman Singh’s Zodiac Sign : Libra

Raman Singh’s Educational Qualification : B.A.M.S

Raman Singh’s Parents : Father-Vighnaharan Singh Thakur, Mother- Sudha Singh

Raman Singh’s Siblings : N/A

Raman Singh’s Current Martial Status : Married

Raman Singh’s Spouse : Mrs. Veena Singh

Raman Singh’s Child/Children : Daughter-Ashmita, Son-Abhishek

Raman Singh’s Affair(s) : N/A

Raman Singh’s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : N/A

Raman Singh’s Best Friend(s) : N/A

Raman Singh’s Hobbies : N/A

Raman Singh’s Likes : N/A

Raman Singh’s Dislikes : N/A

Raman Singh’s Favorite Food : N/A

Raman Singh’s Favorite Sport : N/A

Raman Singh’s Favorite Holiday Destination : N/A


Nitish Kumar Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Politician Name : Nitish Kumar (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Nitish Kumar’s Nick Name : Sushasan Babu, Munna

Nitish Kumar’s ProfessionChief Minister BiharLeader, JDU Politician

About Nitish Kumar : Nitish Kumar is an Indian Politician from Bihar who belongs to JDU. He started his political career by Jai Prakash Narayan Movement from 1974-1977. In 1985 he contested Bihar Legislative Assemble Elections as an Independent Candidate. He served as successful Railway Minister from 2001-2004. He is serving as Bihar Chief Minister since 2005 to till date.

Contact Details of Nitish Kumar


Nitish Kumar’s Address : Chief Miniter Secretariat, 4 Deshratana Marg, Bihar, Patna, India

Nitish Kumar’s Phone Number : +91-2215601, 2217289, 2205911, 2215066

Nitish Kumar’s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Nitish Kumar’s eMail ID(s) : n/a

Nitish Kumar’s Official Website :

Nitish Kumar’s Official Facebook Fan Page  :

Nitish Kumar’s Official Twitter Handle :

Nitish Kumar’s Official YouTube Channel : n/a

Nitish Kumar’s Official Instagram : n/a

Nitish Kumar’s Official Google Plus Profile : n/a

Personal Info of Nitish Kumar


Nitish Kumar’s Height : 173 cm

Nitish Kumar’s Weight : 75kgs

Nitish Kumar’s Body Measurements : n/a

Nitish Kumar’s Date of Birth : 1st March 1951

Nitish Kumar’s Place of Birth : Bakhtiarpur, Bihar, India

Nitish Kumar’s Zodiac Sign : Pisces

Nitish Kumar’s Educational Qualification : B.Sc (Electrical Engineering)

Nitish Kumar’s Parents : Father- Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh, Mother-Parmeshwari Devi

Nitish Kumar’s Siblings : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Current Martial Status : Widower

Nitish Kumar’s Spouse : Late Manju Kumari Sinha

Nitish Kumar’s Child/Children : Son-Nishant Kumar

Nitish Kumar’s Affair(s) : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Best Friend(s) : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Hobbies : Reading

Nitish Kumar’s Likes : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Dislikes : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Favorite Food : Liiti Chokha

Nitish Kumar’s Favorite Sport : N/A

Nitish Kumar’s Favorite Holiday Destination : N/A





Rajpal Yadav Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name : Rajpal Yadav (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Rajpal Yadav’s Nick Name : Rajpal

Rajpal Yadav’s Profession : Actor, Comedian

About Rajpal Yadav : Rajpal Yadav is an Indian Film Actor who was born in 1971 in Shahjahanpur. He did acting course from National School Of Drama. In 1997, his acting career started with TV show ‘Mungerilal Ka Bhai Chaurangilal’. His first movie ‘Dil Kya Kare’ released in 1999. He also acted in Awadhi movies, Nepali movies and Marathi movies.

Contact Details of Rajpal Yadav


Rajpal Yadav’s Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Rajpal Yadav’s Phone Number : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s eMail ID(s) :  n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Official Website : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Official Facebook Fan Page  :

Rajpal Yadav’s Official Twitter Handle :

Rajpal Yadav’s Official YouTube Channel : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Official Instagram :

Rajpal Yadav’s Official Google Plus Profile :

Personal Info of Rajpal Yadav


Rajpal Yadav’s Height : 161 cms

Rajpal Yadav’s Weight : 58 Kgs

Rajpal Yadav’s Body Measurements : Chest-36 inches, Waist-28 inches, Biceps-13 inches

Rajpal Yadav’s Date of Birth : 16th March 1971

Rajpal Yadav’s Place of Birth : Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Rajpal Yadav’s Zodiac Sign : Pisces

Rajpal Yadav’s Educational Qualification : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Parents : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Siblings : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Current Martial Status : Married

Rajpal Yadav’s Spouse : Radha Yadav

Rajpal Yadav’s Child/Children : Daughter-1

Rajpal Yadav’s Affair(s) : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Best Friend(s) : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Hobbies : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Likes : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Dislikes : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Favorite Food : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Favorite Sport : n/a

Rajpal Yadav’s Favorite Holiday Destination : n/a


Parmish Verma Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name: Parmish Verma (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Parmish Verma’s Nick Name: Paru

Parmish Verma’s Profession: Actor, Producer, DirectorSingerPunjabi Singer

About Parmish Verma : Parmish Verma is an Punjabi video director and actor who was born in Patiala. His father is a known punjabi writer and professor from Punjabi University. He started his career as a actor from Tagore Theater and his first movie was ‘Punjab Bolda’. His first video as director was ‘Zimewari Bhook Te Doori’ but he became famous by his video ‘Thokda Reha’ by singer Ninja. Nowadays, he started singing and his first song is ‘Main Aa Gaya’ by Desi Crew.

Contact Details of Parmish Verma


Parmish Verma ‘s Address: Chandigarh, India

Parmish Verma ‘s Phone Number: 085910 00083

Parmish Verma ‘s WhatsApp Number: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s eMail ID(s):

Parmish Verma ‘s Official Website: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Official Facebook Fan Page:

Parmish Verma ‘s Official Twitter Handle :

Parmish Verma ‘s Official YouTube Channel:

Parmish Verma’s Official Instagram: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Official Google Plus Profile:


Personal Info of Parmish Verma


Parmish Verma ‘s Height:173 cm

Parmish Verma ‘s Weight: 75kgs

Parmish Verma ‘s Body Measurements: Chest- 43 inches, Waist-32 inches, Biceps- 16 inches

Parmish Verma ‘s Date of Birth: 3rd July

Parmish Verma ‘s Place of Birth: Patiala, Punjab

Parmish Verma ‘s Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Parmish Verma ‘s Educational Qualification: Hotel Management from Australia

Parmish Verma ‘s Parents: Dr. Satish Verma (Professor), Dr. Paramjit Kaur (Professor)

Parmish Verma ‘s Siblings: Sukhan Verma (Brother) working as Assistant Director

Parmish Verma ‘s Current Martial Status: Single

Parmish Verma ‘s Spouse: n/a

Parmish Verma’s Child/Children: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Affair(s) : n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Best Friend(s): n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Hobbies: Gym Freak, Composing Songs and poems

Parmish Verma ‘s Likes: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Dislikes: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Favorite Food: Punjabi Food

Parmish Verma ‘s Favorite Sport: n/a

Parmish Verma ‘s Favorite Holiday Destination: n/a






Trains from Delhi to Chandigarh

Planning to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh? Indian Railways provide service of Trains from Delhi to Chandigarh. The train types include Shatabdi Express, Passenger Trains, Chair Cars, Sleeper, 2-Tier, 3-Tier and Second Sitting.

If you want to book your train ticket online, visit the official website of Indian Railways-IRCTC (

You can also book Volvo Buses from Delhi to Chandigarh.

Here is the time-table for all the available Trains from Delhi to Chandigarh.

Trains Departure Arrival Duration Days Train Type
Indore Chandigarh

Weekly Express


 01:40 am

(New Delhi/NDLS Station)


06:45 am


05:05 Hrs Friday Only


AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
04:25 am

(Old Delhi/
DLI Station)


09:25 am 05:05 Hrs All Days  

AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier

05:35 am

(Sarai Rohilla Station)


10:25 am


04:50 Hrs  

All Days


Second Sitting
AC Chair
New Delhi –
Kalka Shatabdi Express
07:40 am

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


11:05 am


03:15 Hrs All Days AC Chair
Executive CC
Shirdi –Kalka
07:50 am

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


11:45 am 03:55 Hrs Sunday
AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
Paschim Express
Slip (PT)
11:05 am

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


03:57 pm  

04:52 Hrs




All Days


AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
Sampark Kranti
Express (PT)
11:50 am

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


03:45 pm  


03:55 Hrs



AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
AC 1st Class

Mumbai Bandra
SF Express

11:54 am

(Delhi Cantt/DEC)

04:20 pm 04:26 Hrs Tuesday

AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier


Hazur Sahib
Nanded-Una Himachal SF
Express (PT)
01:20 pm

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)

05:30 pm 04:10 Hrs Sunday Only  

AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier


Karnataka Sampark Kranti
01:55 pm

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


06:20 pm 04:25 Hrs Monday
AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
AC 1st Class
New Delhi-Una
Janshatabdi Express
02:35 pm(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)
07:05 pm 04:30 Hrs All Days Second Sitting
AC Chair

03:20 pm

(Old Delhi/
DLI Station)


11:10 pm



07:50 Hrs All Days General
New Delhi-Kalka
Shatabdi Express

05:15 pm

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


08:40 pm 03:25 Hrs All Days AC Chair
Executive CC
Goa Sampark Kranti Express




06:25 pm

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


11:45 pm 05:20 Hrs  


AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
AC 1st Class
New Delhi-Chandigarh
Shatabdi Express
07:15 pm

(New Delhi/
NDLS Station)


10:45 pm 03:30 Hrs  

Monday to
(6 days a week)


AC Chair
Executive CC
Chandigarh SF
Express Train
09:10 pm

(Hazrat Nizamuddin/NZM)


04:25 am
(Next day)
07:15 Hrs Tuesday
AC 3-Tier
Kalka Mail


09:35 pm
(Old Delhi/
DLI Station)
03:00 am
(Next Day)
05:25 Hrs All Days Sleeper
AC 3-Tier
AC 2-Tier
AC 1st Class

Karan Johar Contact Address, Phone Number, eMail ID, Official Website

Celebrity Name : Karan Johar (Contact Details and Personal Info)

Karan Johar’s Nick Name : KJO

Karan Johar’s Profession : Director, Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, TV host

About Karan Johar : Karan Johar is an Indian director, producer, costume designer, Screenwriter and TV host who was born in 1972 in Mumbai. His first movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ was released in 1998 and for this movie he won Film Fare Award for best director. He also did supporting roles in many movies. He is famous for hosting the TV show ‘Coffee With Karan’ which was a celebrity talk show.

Contact Details of Karan Johar


Karan Johar ‘s Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Karan Johar’s Phone Number : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s WhatsApp Number : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s eMail ID(s) :  n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Official Website :

Karan Johar ‘s Official Facebook Fan Page  :

Karan Johar ‘s Official Twitter Handle :

Karan Johar ‘s Official YouTube Channel :

Karan Johar’s Official Instagram :

Karan Johar ‘s Official Google Plus Profile :

Personal Info of Karan Johar


Karan Johar’s Height : 168 cms

Karan Johar ‘s Weight : 70 Kgs

Karan Johar’s Body Measurements : Chest-40 inches, Waist-29 inches, Biceps-15 inches

Karan Johar ‘s Date of Birth : 7th December 1990

Karan Johar’s Place of Birth : Delhi, India

Karan Johar ‘s Zodiac Sign : Saggitarrius

Karan Johar’s Educational Qualification : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Parents : Father-Jatinder Gaba, Mother-Sangeeta Gaba

Karan Johar ‘s Siblings : Brother-Raja Gaba, Sister- Pallavi Gaba

Karan Johar ‘s Current Martial Status : Single

Karan Johar ‘s Spouse : n/a

Karan Johar’s Child/Children : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Affair(s) : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Best Friend(s) : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Hobbies : Playing, Hanging Out With Friends

Karan Johar ‘s Likes : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Dislikes : n/a

Karan Johar ‘s Favorite Food : Chilly Paneer

Karan Johar ‘s Favorite Sport : Rugby, Basketball

Karan Johar ‘s Favorite Holiday Destination : n/a





Volvo Bus Services from Chandigarh to Delhi

Planning to travel from Chandigarh to Delhi. There are many options you can opt for your journey, you can comfortably travel through Trains, Volvo buses or Cabs. Here we are sharing the details of Volvo bus service available from Chandigarh to Delhi.

One ticket of Volvo bus from Chandigarh to Delhi will cost you approximately Rs 600/-. The distance between these two cities is 261 Kilometers and you will reach your destination city in approximately 4 Hrs and 30 Mins, if you travel Chandigarh to Delhi from Volvo bus. Generally, there will be a 20 min stoppage in Karnal, Haryana.

HRTC Volvo Bus Service from Delhi to Chandigarh
Book your ticket online from the official website of Haryana Roadways ( The pick up is from ISBT-I (Sector 17). You may also get tickets from Delhi Volvo bus counter, but chances are very less. It is convenient to book tickets in advance. HRTC Buses will drop you to Kashmiri Gate ISBT (Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminus), Delhi.

Punjab Roadways Volvo Bus Service from Chandigarh to Delhi
You can also book your ticket for Punjab Roadways Volvo Bus Service from their official website ( PUN-Bus will pick you from  ISBT – I (Sector 17), Chandigarh and drop you to Kashmiri Gate ISBT (Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminus), Delhi.

Himachal Pradesh Volvo Bus Service from Delhi to Chandigarh
Volvo bus service from Chandigarh to Delhi is also provided by Himachal Road Transport Corporation. You can book your ticket in advance from their website They will drop you to Kashmiri Gate ISBT (Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminus), Delhi and pick-up is from ISBT – I (Sector 17), Chandigarh.

Time Table for Volvo Buses from Delhi to Chandigarh

Departure Time Booking available
00:05 AM
00:30 AM
01:00 AM
02:40 AM
03:40 AM
04:30 AM
05:30 AM
06:00 AM
06:20 AM
06:40 AM
07:20 AM
07:40 AM
08:40 AM
09:00 AM
09:15 AM
09:35 AM
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
11:35 AM
11:50 AM
12:10 PM
01:10 PM
01:40 PM
02:00 PM
02:20 PM
02:40 PM
03:00 PM
04:00 PM
04:20 PM
04:35 PM
05:00 PM
05:30 PM
06:15 PM
06:30 PM
07:00 PM
07:40 PM
08:00 PM
08:30 PM
09:00 PM
09:30 PM
10:00 PM
10:15 PM
11:15 PM
11:30 PM


For any other inquiry, you can contact the respective bus service.


Also Book, Delhi to Chandigarh Volvo Buses