Ban On Weddings At Rock Garden

Wedding in Rock garden Chandigarh

The Chandigarh administration has imposed a ban on all wedding events at the Rock Garden.

Earlier, wedding occasions were permitted at the third phase of the garden. The decision has been taken in view of the wedding functions creating a mess at the Rock Garden and also posing a threat to the heritage. However, the decision will be not applicable for those who have already booked the venue for a wedding.

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Even tourists face problems because of the weddings as the area would remain closed for them during such occasions.

The administration received complaints that garbage, especially green waste, was not being cleaned after a wedding function and would give a bad look to the garden.

The booking cost for a wedding at the Rock Garden is Rs 70,000, out of which Rs 10,000 is refundable.

This decision, however, may impact the revenue collection of the Rock Garden Society as there are several bookings ahead of the wedding season.

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The move is being seen as a good initiative for ensuring cleanliness and upkeep of the garden as well because garbage would remain stashed for days and it would raise a stink.

Source: Indian Express 

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