Chandigarh city model to get replicated in Serbia


It is true that Chandigarh is accredited as one of the most planned cities globally and this might be the reason other developing countries are looking up to this Indian city for the help. According to the report published in TOI, if all goes well then Chandigarh city growth model will be soon replicated in the Serbian city of Jagodina.

The proposal has been received by the Indian Ambassador to Serbia, confirmed home secretary. The Serbian government has shown a keen interest in adopting Chandigarh growth model, urban planning, tourism development, exchange of sports amenities, personalities, coaches and participation in trade fairs and agricultural development. This also includes an occasional visit to Chandigarh Chamber of Commerce to look for opportunities for business relations, projects and industrial development.

The collaboration will be crucial for maintaining foreign relations with Serbian state. India’s relation with Serbia has always been pleasant and both countries have supported each other on the international front. This European nation had also cosponsored India’s proposal for International Yoga Day at United Nations.

Earlier, Chandigarh Punjab University and Birmingham University collaborated to enhance the quality of life in the Chandigarh city. 

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