Chandigarh is the most perfect city in the world

Take a bow Chandigarhians! This is a time to celebrate for the citizens of Chandigarh as BBC has deemed the city beautiful, as the perfect city. Not just the balanced greenery but maintained historical importance has also gained laurels for the city.

BBC report quoted, “Of all the world’s ideal cities, Chandigarh has done remarkably well, offering striking monumental architecture, a grid of self-contained neighbourhoods, more trees than perhaps any Indian city and a way of life that juggles tradition with modernity.” 

Apart from this, the article also compared other global cities of St Petersburg, Brasilla, London with Chandigarh and listed as BBC top 5 cities to live in the world. The comparison was based on planning, population and designing of infrastructure.

Not just the civic amenities but what makes Chandigarh the best city to live in is its incredible maintenance tactics and perfect city layout. Managed law and order, clean roads and round the clock security, Chandigarh is definitely perfect city in the world.

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