Chandigarh Police Late Night Towing Facility Phone Number

Modern problems require modern solutions and that’s exactly what Chandigarh police has been adopting too. The word Police, nowadays, is not only used for crime-related aspects but has expanded to a lot of other services. And believe us when we say this, Chandigarh Police is one of the best when it comes to sincerity and strictness. Let it be their traffic division or the civil division, they perform their duties with utmost care and response. Recently, they have been expanding their services rapidly and provide some new facilities such as late night towing service, late night ladies dropping service, online passport status checking, stolen/recovered vehicle status, FIR copy download and much more.

Chandigarh police completely understand that it can be frustrating even thinking about dealing with your wrecked vehicle. That too combined that it happens at night will pose more difficulty and that’s the sole reason they are providing this convenience. They have their own towing van that is always ready for disposal and you are just one call away.

Here in this article, we are mainly talking about the Late night towing facility provided by Chandigarh police. We think it is one of the best initiatives taken by the police as it can pose an emergency and is generally not safe to leave one’s vehicle out there at night. The facility is available only from 11 PM to 6 AM in the morning. The local police will help to tow your disable or totalled vehicle to your residence in Chandigarh or a nearest mechanic shop or police station so that it will be safe for the night being.

Late Night Towing Facility Contact Details

Chandigarh Police control room number: 100

Chandigarh Police Late Night Towing Facility Numbers: 0172-2749194, 0172-2744100

Chandigarh Police Traffic related emergency number: 1073

DSP Night Duty Number: 09465121000 (Only from 12:00 to 5:00 AM)

Use this number only as a last resort during your obstruction.

Do not use these numbers as a prank as it may distract the police from their duty.

For your convenience, we have also provided the Chandigarh Police jurisdiction map below. You can use these to contact your nearest police station in case of emergency or general purposes. 

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