Chandigarh Rape Case: 12-Yr Old Rapes 8-Yr Old Girl


Assault of an 8-year young girl in Dhakoli, Zirakpur has stunned Tricity inhabitants. Assaults against minors are on the ascent in India with a few cases enrolled in various parts of the nation including the current ones that were accounted for from Gurgaon and Delhi. The 5-year old’s assault case in Delhi school and the Ryan International rape and murder case in Gurgaon has put to scrutinize the well-being of youngsters in schools, homes and different spots.

As per reports, an eight-year old young girl was assaulted by a 12-year old boy yesterday in Dhakoli, in Zirakpur.

The victim is the student of Government Elementary School, Dhakoli, and is reported to be assaulted in the morning around 8 when she was going to an adjacent basic supply shop to bring milk. The girl was coercively assaulted at a detached place close to her home after the charged discovered her strolling alone.

The accused has been identified and has been taken into police custody. The accused, who hails from UP but lives in the same locality, denounced his crime in front of the Dhakoli police.

At the point when the boy saw the 8-year old strolling alone, he assaulted her after persuasively taking her to a close-by disengaged spot. The girl narrated the entire episode to her folks subsequent to reaching home when they discovered her drained in blood and asked her the reason. The guardians then instantly filed a complaint against the accused.

The charged 12-year old boy has been captured and is as of now in Police care. Following a protestation by the girl’s father, the Police have charged the boy and have filed the case under the Indian Penal Code and additionally the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) Act. The 8-year old girl’s dad is a vagrant worker and is dwelling in Dhakoli with his family.

The medical reports stated that the girl was bleeding and was in a state of shock when examined and had bruises on her genitals.

Mother of the girl has blamed the police for terrible conduct for not believing her plead.  She expressed that the girl was bleeding at the police Station yet the police was reluctant to file a FIR against the boy and kept them holding up. 

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