IIT Chandigarh May Soon Be A Reality

IIT Chandigarh-PEC-Chandigarh

If all goes well then Punjab Engineering College might soon get IIT tag. PEC Management committee is conducting high-level meetings to discuss the possible development. The management was also presented with a report that lists changes that are required to improve the infrastructure of the campus.

A consultation was held with Vijay Kumar Dev (UT Adviser), where the PEC Director mentioned that the institution has all the constituents to be transformed to a central level Institute. It is one of the oldest institutes in the region and it would have been among the earliest IITs in the country.

Dr Arora further added to his discussion that PEC has previously been working like an IIT as Chandigarh is geographically fine-positioned and would cater to students of the area and from nearby states like – Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu, etc..

According to the director, the institute needs improvement in infrastructure, which will cost nearly Rs. 100 Crore to the Administration.

Some of the infrastructural changes proposed in the campus include-

  • 118 Apartments in the area of 8,829 sq meter at a cost of Rs 16 crore.
  • 368 rooms in girl’s hostel in the area of 13,011 sq ft at a cost of Rs 24 crore.
  • 648 rooms in boy’s hostel in the area of 20,910 sq ft at a cost of Rs 28 crore.
  • 184 rooms for the international hostel in the area of 7,434 sq ft at a cost of Rs 14 crore.
  • Development of dining area of 1,301 sq ft at a cost of 2.5 crores.
  • Six 6-bedded dormitories and Eighteen 18-bedded dormitories at a cost of 5 crores.

This will bring a lot of opportunities for the students to develop and explore.

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