Problems Being Faced by Chandigarh People

Chandigarh, the proud city of Punjab and a well planned UT of nation is one of the most beloved places to live. Fluctuating weather, greenery in every corner and a decent nightlife brings a charm to Chandigarh. But with the pace it’s growing, it is also leading to many unplanned consequences which are borne by the residents, let’s have a look at the problems faced by common people living in Chandigarh.

Common Problems Being Faced by Chandigarh People

Water Supply

Normally, water is not a big concern but during peak summers there are times when there is no water supply for the whole day. Another concern is the quality of water, some people reported online that water quality is not adequate in their area. The cherry on the top is carelessness of respective authorities. They have been told to repair the water plant every year in summer when demand is high but only words and no action of as such is reported or seen.

Power Cuts

It’s a hard truth to accept that there are power cuts even in some major cities of India. Residents have reported 2-3 hour power cuts in major sectors of Chandigarh and the situation is worse in new sectors.

Traffic Jams During Peak Hours

There was a time when Chandigarh was nowhere near this problem, but now those days are long back gone since people from connecting states are moving towards Chandigarh, the city seems inadequate to fulfil demand of this much load. Chandigarh planned more as a residential area than one handling inter-state trade is getting populated every year resulting in heavy traffic jams and arrival delays.

Pollution, due to increased vehicles

Chandigarh has the highest registered vehicles per capita in India but this does nothing but increases traffic congestion and pollution. Although, authorities have taken a significant step towards the anti-pollution and green revolution movement in Chandigarh still the amount of pollution is increasing at peak.

Public Transport

Chandigarh public transportation system is also average. They may have maintained the quality but there’s a need to increase quantity due to growing population and movers from nearby cities.

Cleanliness (Poor Waste Management System)

This is surprising, isn’t it? Chandigarh may be known as one of the clean cities of India but they do not have a proper waste management system. It’s hard to come across the fact that Chandigarh has been ranked worst in India after Delhi in terms of waste management in India. 

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