Promote your Brand!

What is Lets

Lets Chandigarh is an information portal, managed, designed and marketed by Hitgrove Infotech, based in New Delhi and branched at Chandigarh. The portal aims to deliver all kind of news, details and information which a common man would be interested in.

Why should I promote with is a niche platform targeted to Chandigarh masses. If you are a local business owner, you certainly need to advertise on the platform which has a reach to the kind of people which can be converted in to your sales lead. For example: If you are local salon owner, you need to drive people to your outlet for some amazing deal offers. LetsChandigarh can send invites on your behalf through emails and you can sit back and relax. Your offer will be an instant hit. We guarantee!

How can I promote my brand with

There are multiple ways through which you can promote your brand.

  1. Banner Ads: We will place your banner ad at a prominent position on the main website.
  2. Affiliate Ads: We can be your affiliate partner and can promote your brand by gathering leads for your business.
  3. Paid Review: We can send our correspondent to your doorstep for reviewing your business. This paid review will be published across our platform which has an average reach of 1,500 people daily.
  4. Social Media Post: We have loyal followers base on multiple social media platform. We can post your business deals on our page and help you to grow your business exponentially.

What strategy should I use to promote with

We believe in extreme customization as every business has different needs. Hence, you can mail your query to Anu Siwach @ All kind of business queries are welcomed here.