Don’t Worry! These Pubs In Chandigarh Are Still Serving Cocktails

After the dryness that has overshadowed the ‘City Beautiful’, its quite hard to find places to enjoy a great weekend. Recently, some new places were opened in Sector 26 of Chandigarh with an aim to get high publicity and a large crowd as this sector is known to be the ‘ Hub of Nightlife’ but unfortunately couldn’t achieve it due to the recent liquor ban. Places like MOBE (Ministry of Bar Exchange), The Brew Estate (Sec 26&35), The Great Bear, Satva , Peddlers (Sec 26&35 ), Buzz (Sec 17) etc. are facing huge losses due to liquor ban. Usually, these places used to remained crowded but there is hardly anyone due to the recent Supreme Court Order.

This ban has not only affected the clubs but also the hookah bars. Places like Cowboy Rodeo, The Boombox Cafe, The Purple frog etc. were inaugurated recently but were shut down after the orders from the Supreme Court.

It has been reported that all the owners of these clubs have formed a union with a fear of facing a huge loss in their businesses. A meeting will be held on 6th April, 2017 to discuss this liquor ban which may even lead to a protest.

But you need not worry as here we are listing the places mentioned below where liquor is still available-

Kitty Su-The Lalit

Located in The Lalit which is a 5 -star hotel, this night club is much known for its location, interior and DJ. Special parties for Halloween, Easter etc. are also arranged with theme costumes worn by the staff. This night-club is a bit expensive but worth a visit.

Rating – 4/5


This place is a popular attraction for its live music performed by the renowned band on every Saturday night. This place attracts the young crowd and also serves delicious food. It has a great ambience which attracts youngsters to come to this place. Long Island Iced Tea is a must try if you would like to spend a tipsy weekend. Reservation is recommended for Wednesdays and Saturdays.


The Brew Estate

Located in the Elante, it seems like the owner of Brew Estate had prepared for the liquor ban. This place recently got opened in the Elante . With delicious food, this place attracts a large crowd. It even has a screen for cricket and football matches. This microbrewery is known for its freshly prepared beer. ‘Thirsty crow’ is a must try.



A very popular night club located in Centra Mall, got much of its hype as it was featured in one of Diljit Dosanjh’s song ‘ 5 Taara’. This place mainly attracts the young crowd. It has a wonderful DJ and also a photographer to catch all the memorable moments. This place is worth a visit to spend the weekend. Snacks served here are very delicious. Chinese food is a must try.


Mocha – Elante Mall

Located in the Elante courtyard, this is a great place to hang out with friends and family. Mocha has a mixed crowd with good food and excellent service. Its interior has a unique look with hanging and swinging chair set for one couple. This place also has live music. Last but not the least, THIS PLACE SERVES LIQUOR. A jagger bomb is a must try.

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