Top 10 Haunted Places in Chandigarh


Are you adventurous? Really? Would you like to experience it? Chandigarh has number of haunted dens where people have witnessed paranormal activities. So, if you want to send chill down your spine, do visit these places and let us know what you have seen or FELT-

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Haunted Bridge

As it clear from its name, it is a haunted bridge situated close to Sector 16 hospital. Some people have noticed abnormal activities here. Eye witnesses have said that they have seen a girl in a white gown carrying a lamp coming from the stairs at night. History says years back a girl’s spirit got hit by a truck 20 years back and died. She comes and disappears in just a blink of eye.

Sector-16 Haunted House

This house is on the top of the list when we are discussing the haunted places at Chandigarh. According to some people there is a spirit of a student who committed suicide here a few years back. 

Sukhna Lake

It is a beautiful lake with a superb view of morning sunrise and sun set in Chandigarh. It is also one of the scary places of Chandigarh as it witnessed so many deaths at this point. This lake is also known as the suicide point, as many people died here.

Kasauli Graveyard

Graveyard’s experience is always haunted for everyone. But this graveyard has some spooky tale. It is located on the Shimla road and is considered as the best place to experience the paranormal activities. Many stories are associated with this place, but a perfect place to encounter ghosts or spirits.

Cremation Ground

There is a famous cremation ground in Sector-25 where people had many experiences of ghosts or spirits. If you want to experience some adventure or paranormal activity, do visit this cremation place.

Savitri Bai Phule Hospital

Many students have complained about witnessing ghosts without head on the windows of the hostel room. A number of complaints are registered about this matter, but no one has been able to solve such kind of problems. 

Chandigarh Railway Guest House

Once the most crowded places of Chandigarh is now the scariest place. There is a room where abnormal activities have been witnessed by many people. There is an unending noise in the washroom, experienced by many people.  

Punjab University

It is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in the world. But now it is also included in the scariest places of the Chandigarh. Greenery near the botanical garden and the department of law is haunted as these trees are fully covered with bats. This is scary to experience the sound of the bats resting on the trees.

PGI Chandigarh

It is the reputed medical college in the city beautiful Chandigarh. It is also included in the haunted spot, due to suicide committed by patients and aborted foetuses stored in jars which made it scary at night. This place has a lot of negative energy.

Haunting Sati

There is a small temple at the name of Sati (woman who commits her life after the death of her husband). It is the belief that whosoever gets bowed in front of the structure gets haunted by that structure of women.

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