Why Chandigarh’s Geri Route Is So Famous


Not everyone staying in Chandigarh are familiar with ‘Geri Route’. Geri R Route is a very popular network of streets and popular amongst the youngsters of the city. This place has mainly gained importance and recognition due to ample greenery and its mention in some of the super-hit music videos shot on Geri Route.

Check out some of the historical facts about History of Gedi Route and what makes this route so-special?

History of Gedi Route

Gehri-Route is derived from world famous Silk-Route, where prefix -Gehri is a Punjabi word, meaning rounds or to roam-around. The route was used in this manner since 1970 and got popularity in 1980, as the number of motor-vehicles increased in the city.

Location of Gedi-Route

Geri routed is located at the prime location in Chandigarh. It is a combination of many streets in northern-Chandigarh and a preferential location for long drives on cars/motorbikes. The route starts from sector 8, 9, 10 to 11. DAV College-Sector 10, Home Science College-Sector 10, Fine Arts College-Sector 10, GCG-11, Government College-Sector 11 are included in Gehri Route and Panjab University Campus is near to this route, students from these colleges are the regular visitors of ‘Gehri Route’.

A few months back, Sector 34, Sector 35 and Sector 36 is added to this route, also know as mini-gehri-route. This route also has advantages like – less traffic, less police security checks(i.e. less chances of challans), and last but most popular MCM-DAV college for Girls, Sector-36.

Special Attractions @Gehri Route

Luxury Cars : Earlier the count of cars was finite, but now, you can see a lot of BMW’s, Mercs (Mercedes), Audis, Jags(Jaguars), Range Rovers, many sports cars and other luxury cars.

Royal Enfield : Youngsters here are crazy about ‘Bullet’. ‘Bullet te Gehri‘ that means to roam around on bullet is common on Gehri Route.

Foodies : Uncle Jacks, Wheat Dim-sums, BurGrill, Super Donuts, London Box, Softy Corner, ‘Fire N Grill, etc are pocket-friendly Food points on Gehri Route.

Street Fashion Show : Perfectly dressed girls with fashionable hair-do’s, putting on high heels or slip-on, adds glamour to these streets. Well dressed guys with Ray-bans and other luxury fashion accessories, pulls the crowd here.

Valentines Day @Gehri Route

Cars decorated with heart-shaped balloons, music and roses, is what you can see on valentines day at Gehri-Route. There is tight security by Chandigarh Police, to prevent eve-teasing and harassment, ensuring safety.

Holi @Gehri Route

Chandigarh has its own unique way to celebrate this festival. Gehri on Holi is must for a Chandigarhian. Cars are fully covered with colors and eggs. Music on high volume and colorful young faces adds more fun to the festival.

New Year @Gehri Route

New Year Eve on Gehri Route, ohhhh…!!!, the most exciting event. High volume music in cars is the most common sight on the eve . Security is maintained by police. Gehri-Route turns into Free-Club on December 31st. 

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